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  That's not a Daffodil

A touching story of friendship, planting and playfulness that unites young and old.

‘Light-hearted, funny, and wonderfully creative; pitch-perfect for little kids and their grown-ups.’  Alison Lester

Still Awake Still!

A triumph of music, mischief and comic surprise as Miss Ivory Tinklefinger fails to sing the audience to sleep with her magical grand piano.


‘a fabulously entertaining and funny sort of kids cabaret’  ArtsHub

‘clever blend of comedy and song that celebrates in the zaniest possible way the playfulness of children’  The Age

'one of the most precious children’s shows I’ve ever seen’  

                                                                             Kate Ceberano

Jump Leads Productions is a team of independent producers who initiate new theatre projects, foster juicy collaborations between artists, and present and tour productions.


We create performance works that kindle the imagination, tickle the funny-bone, and engage the whole family. Though a potent mix of innocence and sophistication, familiarity and mystery, and - above all - playfulness, we aim to connect with kids and open them up to new possibilities. We see quality children’s theatre as a fertile meeting place for kids and adults; a place to share experiences that spark a creative approach to life.


Jump Leads Productions is the theatre unit of Swingbridge Arts Ltd



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